INTENDED USE — Recessed housing rated IC or Non-IC. For new construction only.
Approved for all ceiling and wiring types.
Approved for direct burial in insulation.
CONSTRUCTION — Air-tight standard. Tested to meet current energy codes.
Aluminum foam-gasketed housing with galvanized steel pan.
Galvanized bar hangers span up to 24" o.c. and feature stepped shank nail and positioning guide with
integral T-bar locks. Two locking screws hold fixture in position.
Galvanized steel junction box with four built-in Romex clamps. Four 1/2" and two 3/4" knockouts with
slots for pryout. Rated for through branch wiring.
Maximum 4 (2 in, 2 out) No. 12 AWG conductors. Rated for 90°C.
Ground wire provided.
Removable J-box doors for easy access.

Lithonia L3LEDT24R6 4"